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    Atlas MedStaff Covid 19 Information

    During these unprecedented times, there is one thing that has never changed for us: Our commitment around the clock, every day, to our traveling healthcare professionals, our vendor partners, our contracted hospitals and our internal staff. That means being the steady company you count on, in good times, and even more importantly, in difficult times. In keeping this commitment, your safety and the safety of everyone associated with Atlas MedStaff will always be our top priority.

    As COVID-19 affects a growing number of people in our communities, we’ve organized resources for you in one place. Resources that include internal Atlas MedStaff policies and procedures, as well as resources provided by government entities. If you need more assistance, please reach out to your recruiter. They are your advocate while you are on the road.  

    Useful Links:




    Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

    You have access to third-party services that are free of charge and effective your first day on the job! This program is in place to provide resources that support you in a variety of ways, including managing your mental health.


    Can I work in any state with my current license?

    A:  There are a lot of states looking to loosen their processes to allow medical professionals easy access to their open positions.  From our standpoint, we will continue to follow all our licensing protocol until a federal plan is implemented.  We believe this is best for our travelers for numerous reasons. 

    Is it okay for me to travel during my assignment?

    A: Many facilities are quarantining travelers after they leave their assignment area.  To minimize the likelihood of quarantine, follow the facilities travel protocols. If no protocol exists, obtain written approval from the facility prior to travel, especially if traveling more than 30 miles from the assignment.  Traveling without the expressed consent of the facility can affect your pay and Atlas’ ability to offer financial support during facility quarantine.  We also recommend following any CDC guidance on travel restrictions.

    I’m feeling sick. Now what?

    A: Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate. Notify your facility supervisor/manager and confirm their protocol.  Notify your Recruiter and let them know how they can assist you.  ALSO, follow the CDC’s full guidelines to help minimize the risk to yourself and the facility you are on assignment at.

    What if I am quarantined?

    A:  Atlas will pay your weekly guaranteed hours, housing stipend and per diem for up to 2 weeks (14 days) if the Healthcare Facility at which you are or were assigned has provided Atlas MedStaff with confirmation of its request you self-quarantine due to a potential exposure you may have encountered while performing the duties associated with your assignment. 

    If I am quarantined, can I return to my permanent home during that time?

    A:  You get to decide where you quarantine, however, if you return to your permanent tax home during quarantine, your stipend and per diem payments will cease.  Additionally, upon your return to your assignment location, the facility will very likely require you to quarantine for 14 days before returning to your assignment.