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    Travel Nurse Benefits & Allied Traveler Benefits

    Atlas is dedicated to making life for our Traveling Nurses and Allied Health Travelers as comfortable as possible. Our superheroes deserve the best benefits, and we strive to provide them.

    Travel Nurse Benefits

    Medical Insurance

    We are proud to partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield and offer both a PPO and HSA option, which includes telehealth services for maximum convenience.

    Dental Insurance

    Our travelers tend to smile…a lot! We want to make sure they take care of those pearly whites. Atlas offers two comprehensive dental plans; including an option for orthodontia coverage for your children.

    Vision Insurance

    You need to be able to see the road ahead to Find Where You Belong! We offer a base vision plan as well as a “buy-up” plan for those that want coverage for more advanced optics.

    Life Insurance

    Voluntary life insurance is offered in increments of $10,000 up to $50,000 with guaranteed eligibility, or up to $100,000 with evidence of insurability. Coverage is also available for your spouse and children.

    Voluntary Benefits

    Our In-Hospital Cash Plan and Accident Plus Plan, both by Ternian, can help cover some your expenses if something unexpected happens.

    Referral Program

    We love referrals as much as you love working with our top-tier recruiters! Spread the Atlas word to your friends and you’ll earn a $750 referral bonus for EVERY Nurse or Allied Professional that works at least 30 days.

    Paid Private Housing

    Your home while traveling is a key to a successful assignment. Whether you’re looking for some help finding the right place, or already have the perfect pad picked and just want the stipend, we’ve got you covered!

    Continuing Education Program

    When it’s time to learn something new, Atlas will give you unlimited access to our continuing education partner, MyFreeCE.com, who offers a comprehensive list of courses in a wide variety of specialties.


    Saving for the future feels great when you enroll in the Atlas 401(k) with a generous employer-match!

    License and Certificate Reimbursement

    We are dedicated to finding you the right assignment. When that dream job requires a new license or certificate, we’ll cover it. If you need help in obtaining it, we have very knowledgeable folks around that can help, too.

    Payed Bereavement Leave

    While we certainly hope you never find yourself needing it, if a death in the family requires you take some time, you’ve got it!


    **The information provided is a only a summary of the options available to our team members.  Our plan documents will direct and guide coverage specifics.  The Atlas HR team is here to answer questions you may have about our benefits.